Book of the Month

I’ve been a part of Book of the Month for almost a year now and I can honestly say, it’s been my favorite subscription so far. Initially, I went through quite a few sites where I was searching for the best bookish goodies and the most perks (at a good price), but by just receiving a book – I’ve found that that’s all that matters.

10 out of the 12 books I’ve gotten

The bookish goods were great and all when I was subscribed to PageHabit, but PageHabit just kind of dropped off the face of the earth (I was a subscriber for almost a year). Then I tried Willow Lane Books as well, and they also dropped off the face of the earth (with warning this time). With Willow Lane, I only received one box, but I didn’t care for it as much as I did PageHabit, and definitely not as much as I do with BOTM.

For only $15/mo, you get the best of the best. Each month you’re set with five choices – romance, fiction, thriller, non-fiction, fantasy, etc. Now, they usually switch up the genre choices, but right now (for July) those are the options. Then, at the end of each year, one of the books they chose during the year ends up as a Book of the Year according to their subscribers and its general ratings.

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 12.28.39 AMSo, with that being said, I usually stick with a thriller, and when I can’t choose, I add-on a book for $10 (+free shipping, always). Over the past nine months, I’ve received thirteen books spread throughout nine boxes. While I’ve only read a few of them – my BOTMs almost always end up in my “what should I read next” pile.

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 12.29.00 AMAlong with all of the perks, they’ve also added a new section called “BFFs” which is their rewards program! After 12 boxes, you get a free tote that has a pouch specifically for your book. Then during your birth month – you get a free add-on, and at the end of the year, you get the Book of the Year for free as well. Right now, I have three boxes left, so in September I’ll be at a year!

So, while you don’t get all the bookish items, you do get a box completely focused around the book itself which, personally, gives me more motive to actually read it. Frankly, with PageHabit, I was so wrapped up in the items I was getting that the actual books took me a while to get into. Then whenever I would actually read them, I just didn’t love them. That’s just me though!

If any of this appeals to you, then feel free to follow this referral code to get a free add-on in your first box – BOTM!

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 12.28.48 AM

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