“Room” by Emma Donoghue (2010)

A lot of people might not agree with my take on this book because I only made it a measly 75 pages before I decided to mark it a “DNF”. After reading the curious incident of the dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon, I thought I could take this book on, but I just couldn’t, and here’s why:

First, I couldn’t get my head wrapped around Jack’s point-of-view. He’s five-years-old and frankly, I’m not really a kid person. I know that this book was revolutionary and was pretty realistic considering their situation, but reading from the kids point-of-view just wasn’t something I could do. After I deemed this a DNF, I decided to watch the movie instead because I love Brie Larson, I love dramas like this, and I feel as though the movie and the book were pretty tied together from what I read. The movie isn’t 100% from Jacks’ perspective, but it’s still peppered into it and it made it even more real.

Donoghue created something not a lot of people are willing to discuss and she took such a realistic turn that she created more discussions on social media. It was pretty revolutionary and I applaud her for that, I just can’t get around reading from a kid’s point-of-view.

Second, it wasn’t just his perspective either, it was the way that he thought about things. I have an eight-year-old sister and when she was five she didn’t talk the way that Jack did. However, his environment and how sheltered he was is definitely a key factor in this area. I would never forget to factor in their situation when it came down to creating the dialogue, I just couldn’t continue after he was in the bath saying (continuously): penis floats. It didn’t make me uncomfortable at all – my whole family is pretty open, it’s just not what I thought I’d read when reading about their living space and their adapted way of life.

I will admit though, that I probably will go back into Room just to try and get through to the end, but I’d have to be in the right mind space to do so. I don’t have the patience to be around children all the time, and I don’t have the patience to listen to stories from a kid’s perspective – I’m not afraid to admit that. It’s just a tricky area with me, and my thought process is that, if I can make it through Mark Haddon’s book, I can make it through this one. So, while I deemed it a DNF, it’s more than likely a semi-permanent DNF.

What were your guys’s thoughts on Room? 


featured photo from: bookidote

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