“Tell Me Lies” by Carola Lovering (2018)


Lovering managed to create something I never thought possible. At first I was intrigued by just the summary (as most book summaries do), but I didn’t expect to read what I did. It was a perfect mixture of love, hate, gas-lighting, twists, and different perspectives. However, the main thing that drew me into the book was the name of the main character: Lucy Albright.

Lucy’s name alone created such a great vibe around the book. She reminded me of Holly Golighty in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and I don’t really know why.

When I was reading this book, I started to relive previous relationships. How twisted the men were in my past. How messed up they were towards me and how they affected me mentally.

In Tell Me Lies, Stephen was a sociopath. He was such a manipulative liar that whenever I’d read from his perspective, my jaw would literally drop. Lucy, well, Lucy was a little naive, but that didn’t excuse Stephen’s actions at all.

Going into this book, reviews stated that I’d get drawn into Stephen. How he was somebody you’d never think you’d come to love, but that wasn’t the case. As I mentioned previously, I’ve had experience with men like this, so I saw straight through him. His personality was addictive, and it made the book just as addicting, but not because of him – I just wanted to see where they would end up.

Overall, the book was a ridiculous roller coaster, and I was shocked that I actually loved it as much as I did. I don’t usually read books that come off as romances (a simple way to put this book into a genre), but this one has stuck with me. I finished it at the end of 2018 – it’s almost been a year – but I’m still talking about it. I’m still obsessing over it, and I can still reminisce over what it was like to read it.

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