“Big Little Lies” by Liane Moriarty (2014)


I started reading Liane Moriarty back in March 2019, and decided to read this particular one so I could watch the show. Plus, the summary drew me into this book (naturally), and I was curious to see what would come out of it.

Before reading Big Little Lies, I noticed that a lot of people preferred it to her other novels. I’m not sure why, because I really liked Nine Perfect Strangers, but it’s just what the internet stated. Big Little Lies is her staple novel (partially due to its tv adaptation), and that’s just how it seems to be. However, I wouldn’t say that it was better than the only other book I’ve read by her, but I will say that it did cause me to drop my jaw.

While I was reading Nine Perfect Strangers (see review here), my jaw also dropped at the twist, but either way both books had a slow build. So, I’ve come to assume that this is just how she writes, and I really don’t mind it.

Big Little Lies drew me in right from the beginning. The characters were realistic, fascinating, yet ordinary, and they were pretty complex all at the same time. In this book alone, Moriarty created an environment that broadcasted several issues in today’s society: domestic violence, gossip, two-faced individuals, gas-lighting, and so on. The book was a masterpiece in my opinion, and Moriarty didn’t take any of it lightly. She brought it all on in full-force, and she brought it unexpectedly.

Before you go off and read reviews on Goodreads, I will say that I highly recommend this book and it’ll be one that I recommend for a while. If you want to purchase it on Thriftbooks for less than the retail value, click here.

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